erol kuzubaşıoğlu

erkan altuğ

seda karateke altuğ


He was born in Nizip in 1959. After having primary and secondary education in Uşak, he graduated from Private Türk College in İzmir. He began his architecture education in State Fine Arts Academy of İstanbul in 1976 and graduated as master architect in 1982. After working in various architectural offices and construction companies until 1989, provided architectural and decoration services as partner and founder of Project Design between the years 1989-1994. He founded Arima Architects Co. Ltd. In 1994 and became partners with Erkan Altuğ from the year 2008. Currently he is carrying activities under the name of Arima Architects Co. Ltd and Ere Architects Consultancy Services which he founded in association with Erkan Altuğ in 2008. He is married and father of two children.

He was born in Gediz in 1977. After completing primary, secondary and high school educations in Gediz, he was accepted to Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Architecture in 1994 which he graduated as valedictorian in 1998. He had worked as project officer in various architectural offices in 1998 onwards. After 2001, he had worked as freelance architect. After working in joint projects with Erol Kuzubaşıoğlu, he became partner in Arima Architects Co. Ltd. He founded Ere Architects Consultancy Services with Erol Kuzubaşıoğlu in 2008. He is married and father of two children

She was born in Uşak in 1976 where she completed her primary, secondary and high school education. She entered the Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Architecture. During her education and after the graduation in 2000, she had worked with Prof. Ali Muslubaş in As-İmar Architecture and Decoration-Construction Co. Ltd. She has been working in Arima Architects Co. Ltd since 2001. She is married and mother of two children.